Our Commitment

If health is at the heart of human progress — and we think it is — it’s up to all of us, together, to change things for the better. Here are four areas we’re focusing on that will make a difference in the lives of everyone, everywhere.

Our Commitment Our Commitment
Areas of Impact
Health Workers
When health workers have the training and support they need, they’re ready to solve problems, improve lives, and make their communities stronger. And that brings the country, and the world, closer to better health and well-being for everyone, everywhere.

How We’re Helping
For decades, Johnson & Johnson has advocated for the people changing human health on the front lines of care. From getting young people interested in healthcare as a career, to supporting ongoing training for caregivers at all levels of experience, we help them get the skills they need to improve and save lives.
Mothers and Children
Improving the lives of women and children is one of the most effective investments in global health. Healthy, empowered women and youth are at the center of strong families and thriving communities, and we’ve seen over and over how that leads to more productive economies and fewer people living in poverty.

How We’re Helping
At Johnson & Johnson, we look for new ways to help women and their children get equal access to quality care, along with the information and education they need to help them stay healthy, happy, and prosperous throughout their lives.
Environmental Health
People’s health is inextricably linked to the planet’s health. That might seem almost too obvious to say out loud, but even as we make amazing advances in science, medicine, and technology, it’s still worth reminding ourselves of that simple, unchanging truth.

How We’re Helping
At Johnson & Johnson, we’ve been setting environmental performance goals for ourselves for decades. But to make a bigger difference, faster, for more people, we’re looking beyond our own operations. Using our size as a strength, we’re sharing resources and working with our partners to help cities make changes that’ll improve the environment and, ultimately, the health of the community.
Access to Essential Care
The availability of everyday healthcare for both body and mind is a reliable measure of a community’s overall well-being. How many facilities are there? What range of services can be provided? And, maybe most of all, will everyone who needs care be able to get it, even when resources are limited?

How We’re Helping
Johnson & Johnson works with healthcare facilities, schools, and communities to provide training, supplies and advocacy, so that more kinds of essential care can be available to more people in more places. For millions around the globe who might otherwise have to endure a life of physical and emotional hardship, it’s a life-changer.
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