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Save the Children
Johnson & Johnson has been a long-time partner of Save the Children. Our shared vision is a world where no child dies from preventable causes and every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Johnson & Johnson and Save the Children are working side by side throughout the world, building the resiliency of children through innovative approaches to health and development, while serving as the leading voice for those who need it the most.
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Building on a strong relationship of more than two decades, in the fall of 2014, Johnson & Johnson announced an ambitious commitment to improve the survival and healthy development of children under age 5, especially newborns. As a result, Save the Children was named the first-ever enterprise-wide global partner of Johnson & Johnson.

This visionary multi-year commitment from Johnson & Johnson supported all the work of Save the Children, with particular emphasis on newborn survival and addressing the needs of refugee children. In addition, Johnson & Johnson continued to support Save the Children beyond monetary ways, including advocacy leadership, in-kind donations and employee engagement.

In 2018, Johnson & Johnson and Save the Children are launching the renewal of this bold pledge, building on historic successes and leveraging each other’s expertise, reach and influence to affect future generations, wherever they may live.
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Johnson & Johnson is committed to creating a world where a healthy mind, body and environment is within reach for everyone, everywhere.

We’re proud to partner with Global Citizen to further this commitment and help bring good health to all humanity. In partnership, we’ll create a healthier and more equitable future. Because health changes everything.
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These are just a couple of the winners of the GenH Challenge : a Johnson & Johnson initiative focused on finding entrepreneurs whose innovations have the potential to help make future generations the healthiest yet.
Work on a vaccine that could prevent HIV. Tapping into the power of geothermal energy to help reduce carbon emissions at a site in Belgium. Those are just two of the ways the company made a positive impact on the world's well-being last year.
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