Johnson & Johnson is changing health for everyone, everywhere.

Huge, we know. But the more we work together, the sooner we get there.
So we’ve made it super easy to make a difference.

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To Take Action
Donate a Photo
Donate a Photo
The easy, free app that lets you heal people around the world. For every photo you share, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to a cause you care about.
Discover Nursing
Everything you need to know about becoming and being a nurse. And a celebration of how nurses change the world.
Caring Crowd
A new way to crowdfund for global public health: Start your own project or make a pledge today, and Johnson & Johnson will match your support.
To Know More
At Johnson & Johnson, everything we do is about changing human health and well-being for the better.
Here's what we are working on right now
Access to Essential Care
Together Against HIV
Johnson & Johnson has been dedicated to the fight against HIV for 25 years. And now we’re working with our partners to develop the first global vaccine for HIV.

With more progress to come, we’re committed to turning the tide of the HIV pandemic.
Health Workers
Nurses Change Lives
Nurses are the unsung heroes of healthcare. Every day, their creativity, innovation, and healing touch change patients’ lives - and the world.

That is why Johnson & Johnson is proud to have advocated for those changing human health in this dynamic profession since 1897. And why we continue to support and empower them through programs, collaborations, training and over $20 million in scholarships to date. Because nurses change lives. And that changes everything.
Wisdom by Kids
The Johnson & Johnson platform lets you support causes that do good for kids to help the next generation grow up healthy. For every childism you upload, the company will donate $1.

Did you know that every year, nearly 6 million children don’t make it to their fifth birthday?
Let’s change that. Wisdom by Kids makes it easy for you to save your kid’s words—and save children’s lives in the process. Because when we all work together to help kids grow up healthy, we have a chance to change everything.
Got a great idea for improving human health?
Submit it to the new Johnson & Johnson Nurses Innovate Quickfire Challenge, and you could receive up to $100,000 in grants and mentoring from Johnson & Johnson Innovation or its affiliates. Nurses’ innovations on new protocols, treatment approaches and technologies have profoundly improved patient care—could your idea be next?
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